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Learn How to Prevent House Fires with These 5 Tips

11/4/2019 (Permalink)

Firefighters attempt to put out a blazing fire.

Your home is a safe and sacred place for you and your family to spend time together and build memories to last a lifetime. With such an important role in your life and the lives of your loved ones, it’s hard to imagine losing your home. Unfortunately, many families lose their homes to fires every year. Even worse, in many cases, house fires are entirely preventable when the proper protective steps are taken. Thankfully, for those wondering how to prevent house fires, getting equipped with the right fire safety information and by following helpful fire prevention tips, there are quick and easy steps to take. Use the following fire safety facts to keep making unforgettable memories in your home.

Fire Prevention Tip #1: Test Smoke Alarms

Likely not a big surprise to anyone wondering how to prevent house fires, one of the most important fire prevention tips to follow is to regularly test all smoke alarms in the home. Smoke alarms are crucial in the event of a fire, as they immediately alert everyone in the house that a fire is imminent or already underway by emitting a loud alarm once smoke is detected. A functioning smoke alarm not only allows you and your loved ones to get to safety, but they may also give you a greater chance of saving your home from irreparable damage by alerting you right away of the presence of a fire. Testing a smoke alarm is quick and easy, as every alarm features a small button that can be pressed to test if new batteries are needed. Be sure to read the full fire safety information that comes with the smoke alarms you purchase to ensure they are installed and used correctly.

Fire Prevention Tip #2: Don’t Leave Open Flames Unattended

House fires can occur in a matter of seconds and when you least expect it. Many house fires start quickly and without warning because of an unattended flame in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom. Those managing busy households in the evenings know that it’s easy to get distracted when being pulled in multiple directions. Helping kids with homework and straightening up messes all while also preparing dinner for the family can be incredibly dangerous. Taking your eyes off of cooking food even for a moment can have serious consequences in the form of a house fire. One of the most crucial fire prevention tips, be sure to always stay in the kitchen while preparing food and avoid any and all distractions. If you need to leave the kitchen even for just a minute, immediately turn off burners that are in use. Or, ask another member of the family to watch over the food until you return.

Another cause of many house fires are fireplaces. Among the fire safety facts to keep in mind is that it is easy for burning embers or sparks to escape a fireplace and land on flammable surfaces like the carpet or nearby furniture. When using the fireplace, make sure someone is always in the room watching over the fire. When putting out the fire, be sure that all ashes are completely cool before disposing of them.

Finally, another of the most important fire prevention tips to keep in mind is that candles should only be used with strict supervision. A best practice for how to prevent house fires, keep candles far away from anything that could potentially catch, such as curtains and blankets. If you’re using candles at night, be sure not to fall asleep before extinguishing the flame. If leaving the room for any length of time, blow the candle out.

Fire Prevention Tip #3: Regularly Clean Ovens and Stoves

Another of the most important fire prevention tips is to regularly clean ovens and stoves. An often overlooked piece of fire safety information, ovens and stoves pose a serious risk to safety when they are not properly tended to. Though likely on the family list of least favorite chores, cleaning ovens and stoves can help to prevent a potentially life-threatening house fire. Fires caused by ovens or stoves most often happen when food particles that have fallen off of dishes and cook wear get too hot and catch. After each use of your oven or stove, make sure to clean up any visible or particularly large pieces of food that have fallen while cooking. Follow this up with a deeper clean on a regular basis that involves reaching small spaces in and around burners, the surfaces on oven racks, and the oven floor where food often gathers.

Fire Prevention Tip #4: Check Your Dryer

Another of the more common sources of house fires to keep in mind when reviewing how to prevent house fires are clothes dryers. Fires can occur with dryers when lint and other debris collects in vents, gets too hot during the drying process, and subsequently catches on fire. To prevent house fires caused by dryers there are two important steps to take. First, follow the instructions and fire safety information provided during purchase of the dryer to be sure all vents are installed properly. Second, clean out the lint filter after each use. Following these fire prevention tips that only take a few seconds can save you and your family from experiencing a house fire.

Fire Prevention Tip #5: Maintain Cords

With an increasing dependence on electronics for many of our daily tasks, it’s not uncommon to always have something plugged into an outlet. Fire safety facts include the reality that the cords used to charge our electronics pose another risk for house fires. Among your list of fire prevention tips, be sure to include regularly checking the condition of cords, looking for damage such as exposed wires or frays. If any damage is noticed, stop using the cord right away and replace it immediately.

Fire Damage Repair and Restoration from SERVPRO

Even when paying close attention to fire safety facts and following fire prevention tips for your home, house fires still occur. In the event of a house fire, you want to enlist the help of professionals to help remove signs of fire damage and restore your home in like-new condition. SERVPRO of South Cobb is a nationally accredited and recognized brand with professionals highly experienced in fire damage repair and restoration. Our services can’t be beat, and we guarantee complete satisfaction. Contact us today to discuss what sets SERVPRO of South Cobb as a leader in the restoration industry.

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